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Composite works (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical) involving construction of industrial shop, administrative and other ancillary buildings, track works, all electrification and illumination works of buildings, supply, procurement and commissioning of specified mechanical machineries (EOT cranes etc.,) at ASHOKAPURAM WORKSHOP Mysore in connection with AUGMENTATION OF POH FACILITY in order to enhance the out turn of coaches including LHB COACHES FROM 70-80 COACHES PER MONTH (TWO PACKET SYSTEM).

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Outcomes and achievements:
1. The long-pending modernisation and upgrading of the railway workshop at Ashokapuram in the city is set to take shape with the physical engineering work of the project set to commence this month.
2. The upgrading entails creating new infrastructure towards capacity augmentation of the workshop which undertakes Periodic Over Hauling (POH) of railway coaches.
3. At present, 70 coaches undergo POH each month and this will increase to 80once the new facilities are in place.
4. The new infrastructure includes new sheds and heavy-duty 60 tonne cranes to lift and shift the coaches which will obviate the need for procuring loco every time a coach needs to be moved. It will also reduce the time taken for POH.
5. Construction of new carriage lift, heavy corrosion repair shop of 20 coaches capacity with provision of 10 BG tracks with a spacing of 10 meters apart for a length of 80 meters each among others are other facilities to be created.
Key facts:
• Client: South Western Railway (Construction)
• Location: Ashokapuram Railway Workshop, Mysore.
• Period: 2018 – 2022
• Executed Value: Rs. 44,21,36,085.00/-
PJB Role:
We have executed the work as prime contractor and as per client requirement. In this project we have executed Earthwork, Track linking, CC Aprons, Steel Structures, Office and Store Buildings, Scrap Yard, Concrete work PCC, RCC-M20,M25,M30,M35, Waste water and Storm water drains, reinforced steel, EOT Cranes of 10tons & 60tons Capacity and Electrical substation.
Key Items Delivered:
1. POH (Periodical Overhauling) Shed of size 90.00mX60.00m for Coaches Repairing & Maintenance. (60Tons two numbers of EOT Cranes)
2. Open Gantry (10Tons two numbers of EOT Cranes), Size 105.00mX10.00m.
3. Store & Office (Two Storey) Building of size 90.00mX15.00m for Material storage & Office Building for Store Employees.
4. Covered Shed of Size 45.00mX18.00m, for Scrap storage.
5. Scrap Yard Bins of size 124.00mX52.00m, for Scrap Storage.
6. Electrical Substation (Three Storey) Building of size 33.00mX13.00m, For Office (Electrical Department) & electrical substation.
7. Paint Shop of size 36.00mX14.00m, for painting of coaches.
8. Grid Yard construction of 3 new BG lines for shunting and repairing of coaches.
9. RT (Road Transport) Shop of size 31.00mX17.00m, for maintenance and repairing of Road Transport Vehicles.
10. CWM Office (Two Storey) Building of size 38.00Mx19.00m, for Chief Workshop Manager.

Client Details
South Western Railway,
Mysore, Karnataka – 570 020.

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