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PJB Engineers Pvt. Ltd is a multi-disciplinary, full-service project delivery organisation that offers a wide spectrum of construction services to discerning clients. Founded in 1992 as a family partnership under PJB Group, we have been growing steadily by extending our expertise across various sectors, including transportation, power, environmental/water and industrial facilities. In 2001, we stepped into the world of biologics manufacturing equipment with Biozeen, and in 2010 made our entrance IN real estate sector with B2B Ventures.

We at PJB have always been at the forefront when it comes to serving our customer’s needs. We provide construction services to a wide range of private and public sector clients, including Central and State Government, public and private companies, major developers and various local authorities across South India. Each client is unique and this insight enables us to deliver sustainable and quality services that are of benefit to their business needs.

We have an experienced team at our disposal, conversant with the current design codes, standards, and specifications used in India. Thanks to our vast network of public and private entities across the region, we are well-positioned to quickly mobilise and ensure smooth and seamless start-up for our projects. As one of the industry-leading construction firms in the region, we are committed to build a world-class ‘Achieve Zero’ Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) program, and bring our outstanding safety culture to bear on all aspects of the service provided to our clients. Rated high by Moody’s Investors Service for growth potential & financial situation and regarded as a “Zero Debt Group”, our turnover this year has been calculated at circa INR 3 billion.

We address the nation’s infrastructural needs by doing it the way we’ve always done it. With the best resources, best team and best expertise. And that means, you can expect nothing less than the best from us.


PJB Engineers Pvt. Ltd. begins the journey with a host of construction services:
• Roads & Bridges
• Rail & Transit
• Ash Ponds
• Coal Conveyors
• Oil Pipe Lines
• Lake Rejuvenation
• Urban Recreational Spaces
• Drinking Water Supply
• Industrial Infrastructure

  • Inception of Biozeen for biologics manufacturing in Asia, Europe, Americas and Oceania
  • Initiating B2B Ventures for realty and zonal developments

Our Culture & Philosophy

Being a family-owned & operated company, we at PJB Engineers ensure a strong commitment to our clients as well as our staff. Reason why, our staff turnover rate is even lower than 5 percent! The fact that our clients are satisfied with the attentiveness and motivation displayed by our experienced personnel – providing continuity throughout projects – has been proven time and again by our consistently high volume of repeat business.

As a testament to our excellence, over 80 percent of our business is from previous clients. We look forward to establish this kind of relationship with every new client. Our operations in the region are underlined by business excellence, innovation, corporate and social responsibility. Our dedication in developing long-term relationships means we provide high standards of delivery consistently.

Despite a long 30 years of presence and significant growth since our first assignment in 1992, we have remained accessible and attentive to even the smallest assignment. And that’s the mantra of success that has helped PJB conquer peaks of success like nobody’s business.

Our Ethos

“We believe in creating an eco system, where every individual associated with PJB should benefit directly or indirectly.”

Integrity, honesty and sincerity dictate our actions at PJB Engineers and we deem these values indispensable in all our associations. Our clients are delighted to work with our team – packed with passionate professionals – who understand their challenges and deliver effective results on time.

In our efforts to provide exceptional experiences, we stand steadfast in our assurance to understand our clients’ business, markets and goals and work together to ensure results that tackle their requirements.

Quality Management System

We at PJB Engineers define quality as “providing value to clients by delivering the product they want on schedule, meeting their requirements and expectations within the specified budget.”

Instead of checking for accuracy at the end of each project phase, our approach emphasises on “build-in quality” as a matter of principle. Our business development and project delivery entail the implementation of both quality assurance measures (doing things the right way) and practical application of proactive process management strategies (doing the right things).

We have an in-house Quality Management System that conforms to the recognised international standard ISO 9000. Our management system establishes a “plan-do-check-act” methodology for evaluating aspects of operations, focusing resources, evaluating effectiveness and seeking continual improvement. In addition to our own Quality Management System, we take great steps to meet with the quality norms of our clients as well.

Health, Safety & Environment

“I am proud of being part of a company that has a solid foundation of protecting people and environment, which is important for our clients and our communities”
– Mr. Varghese, HSE Manager

At PJB Engineers, health and safety begin long before the site operations. Deeply ingrained in our training is ‘Achieve Zero’ – the gold standard we strive for with zero safety incidents, injuries and adverse environmental impacts. By infusing Achieve Zero culture into our business processes and practices, we exercise incident prevention in all our projects and manage risk for our clients in the process! Achieve Zero is also central to our office safety and ergonomics program, as well as environmental compliance.

As we see it, safety is the responsibility of everyone. We at PJB Engineers treat the issue of safety very seriously and do all that we can to ensure that our projects are carried out with due consideration given to the safety of all concerned. We always liaise with our clients and other stakeholders to make sure that our views on safety align perfectly with theirs. Precisely why, we hold a particularly good record with respect to the safety of our projects.