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What We Do


Our country is experiencing a tremendous population growth, and so does the demand for safe and cost effective transportation modes. We associate with our clients to build, upgrade and expand transportation projects, helping our communities to make daily transits safer, more reliable, convenient and economical. We bring in our extensive knowledge and expertise in planning and execution, restoration and upgradation of transport infrastructure projects to help our clients – both public sector and private sector – to achieve their objective of moving people within and across cities.

Our integrated approach and focus on social responsibility and sustainability have earned us the trust of local Urban Development bodies, government agencies involved in transport infrastructure development projects and commercial clients. Our emphasis is on utilizing our expertise and the skill pool we have developed over the past three decades to deliver high-quality solutions for our clients – both economical and sustainable – paving the way for long-lasting benefits to society.

Roads & Bridges

We provide unmatched proficiency in road engineering and construction, with own asphalt plants and an entire fleet of machineries for road construction works that can implement any challenging projects put forth by our clients while meeting the standards of excellence in quality and timelines.

We are proficient in formulating environmental documentation and clearances, program and construction management plans along with road safety and risk mitigation measures. We’re your allies, who understand your stakeholder requirements and the challenges you face in each locality. That’s how we bring together the right regulatory, business, technical and safety skills to offer the right solution that fits our client’s needs and in the best interests of the communities they serve.
Bridges is one of our core expertise and the specialty service for which we are known for among our clients and in the region. We have an excellent track record of designing and constructing bridges across roads, railways and water bodies connecting communities and creating opportunities for social change and economic development. We take pride in our exceptionally talented bridge team, with people bringing in experience from working in lead roles for planning, procuring, designing and delivering some of the world’s most prestigious and technically demanding structures.


Three decades ago, we executed our first project with Indian Railways. Ever since, we have been popular for our quality of work and the consistency in meeting the deadlines in all our railway projects. Our major railway clients – South Western Railways and Southern Railways – have been very supportive and appreciative of the projects we have executed together. Even today, railway projects are a significant contributor to our revenue and we are actively involved with different divisions of Indian Railways like Gati Shakti, Karnataka Rail Infrastructure Development Company (KRide), Railways Construction Organisation and Railway Divisional Works Department in executing projects that make a variety. We are also delighted to have many of the ex-Indian railway employees working with us in guiding our staff and sharing their technical know-how for successfully completing these projects.


In India, with the population growth and large-scale industrialisation, the energy & power industry is undergoing an unprecedented disruption. The huge demand in power sector has encouraged the Government and private sector companies to invest into numerous power projects and look at the options of sustainable energy solutions. The transitionary period from today to a decarbonised tomorrow has challenged the traditional value chains and regulatory constructs. We have been instrumental in collaborating with the clients in reworking facilities they already possess to enhance its existing power generation capacities and accordingly take up the additional infrastructure works in achieving these goals.

The energy industry in our country is at a junction whereby divergent paths are evolving, with quite diverse future scenarios. You can trust us to help in your endeavours to meet the future energy demands and guide you confidently through this energy transition era.

Environmental & Water

In a fast-developing nation like India, where environmental impacts of infrastructure projects are often overlooked, only a company with deep conscience and desire for improving the people’s lives will strive for successful regulatory and societal approval for infrastructure projects. In us, you have a partner with demonstrated expertise in strategic assessment, alternatives evaluation, environmental impact assessment and community engagement for societal acceptance and appreciation of the projects our clients execute. We get involved in many environmental restoration projects as well.

The importance of water in our life is indispensable. It is one vital resource we all share – it shapes our lives, our communities, our ecosystems and the earth’s climate. Wherever it may be, managing this natural resource has never been more difficult. From climate change to emerging contaminants, our clients are facing unprecedented challenges as they work to protect our critical water resources and guard their communities and the environment. At PJB, we give utmost importance to protecting and maintaining our natural resources. We undertake many lake rejuvenation projects across cities as a part of this, making the water bodies habitable and developing them as areas where people can come and spend time to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. We work with clients across the entire project life cycle — from initial planning studies to final construction and operations and maintenance services.

“We are committed to building projects that create a lasting positive legacy. We partner with the communities we work in protecting the environment, creating economic growth and development. This is our commitment to future generations and that is our driving force to integrate both proven and leading-edge technologies and new ideas for smart, sustainable solutions across environmental challenges that we face today”

– Jain George, Chief Projects Officer


In a global context, companies are focusing on building resilience by revolutionising manufacturing and supply chain strategies to meet the growing demand and to make themselves bullet proof to the fierce competition. With our country embarking on a rapid industrialisation drive, the Central Government is focused on altering regulations and setting up support facilities to encourage manufacturing, and there is a significant potential considering our country’s distinct demographic edge and proportion of qualified young workforce. We help our clients to capitalise on this unique opportunity by helping them plan, design and build their industrial facilities.