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Upgradation of Rail Museum at Mysore


Upgradation of Rail Museum at Mysore

It is second Rail Museum after the National Railway Museum in New Delhi.

Outcomes and achievements:
• As the Museum completes the daily average footfall has gone up from single digits to as high as 4000 on a single day, netting a revenue of Rs.150,000 per day.
• The complete transformation and the redesigned layout is a treat for eyes.
• It is more informative and increases the knowledge about Indian Railway’s evolution in a captivated atmosphere.


We have executed the work as prime contractor and as per client requirement. In this project we have done overall redesigning of the Museum like Improvement of old buildings, construction of new admin building, renewed train coach café, watch tower, Turn table, Green tunnel for toy train, icon station, Improvement work to Maharani Saloon, new modern toilet block, Track linking, reinforced steel and Landscape etc.

Key Items Delivered:

• Block-A (Single Storey) Building of size 48.00mX12.00m, for Main Entrance, Ticket counter & Reception.
• Block-B (Single Storey) Building of size 21.00mX14.00m, for Photo Gallery, Pantry, Four storey Clock tower & View point.
• Block-D (Single Storey) Building of size 40.00Mx10.00m, for Sri Ranga Pavilion & Mysore Railway Station Model.
• Block-C (Single Storey) Building of size 10.00Mx9.00m, for Rest Room & Wash Room.
• Land Scape- Banyan tree Katte, Mound Plaza, Wheel Court, White Temple Tree Court, Boulder Court, Green Tunnel & Cave, Geological Section, Wild Garden, Regional landscape court, Hillscape Garden, Lotus & lily pond, Circular junction court, Buffer plantation, Cobble court , Turn table & Green wall.

• Improvement of old building
• Icon station
• Improvement work for Maharani saloon
• New modern toilet block

Client Details:-

South Western Railway,
Divisional Office,
Works Branch, Mysore – 570 021.