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Construction of Main Access Road (MAR) and widening of the North Cargo Road (NCR)


Construction of Main Access Road (MAR) from first roundabout till second roundabout and widening of the North Cargo Road (NCR), for an approximate length of 2 km each and carry out associated infrastructure work.

Project is undertaken such that no disturbance shall be caused to the moving traffic between Trumpet interchange and Airport terminal/cargo facilities (and vice-versa) and at the same time ensure traffic safety for road users, residents staying in adjoining areas near to BIAL boundary.

Outcomes and achievements:

1. Main Access Road (MAR)/Merging Road: Development & upgrading of road from existing 2+2 lanes to 5+5 lane configuration.
2. North Cargo Road: Construction of 4 lane bidirectional road parallel to the Main Access road

PJB Role:

We have executed the work as prime contractor and as per client requirement. In this project we have executed Road work, median, footpath, utility corridor, RCC drains and stone pitched drains etc.

Key Items Delivered:

• Main Access Road- We have executed 1.6km flexible pavement and developed the road from 2+2 lanes to 5+5 lanes.
• Constructed stone pitched drains on both the sides of the lanes.
• North Cargo Road – We have executed 2.1 km flexible pavement and developed the road to 4 lane bidirectional road.

Client Details

Bangalore International Airport Limited
Administration Block, Alpha 2, KIA,
Bangalore – 560 300.