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South Secondary Access Road (SAR), Bengaluru


Construction of 6 lanes South Secondary Access Road to Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru.

It is an alternate access to the Terminal 1 and would be approximately 3 km in length.

Outcomes and achievements:

  1. New terminal approach and temporary approach to existing terminal T1.
  2. Development and construction of Southern Access Road (SAR) between intersection of South West Road / SAR junction and SAR / 1C road junction.
  3. Development and construction of 1C extension road between SAR / 1C road junction and existing Cannon junction and its approaches.
  4. New link road connecting existing Main Access Road (west of P4 parking) and 1C road.


We have executed the work as prime contractor and as per client requirement. In this project we have executed Road work, median, footpath, utility corridor etc.,

Key Items Delivered:

    • We have executed flexible pavement for the length of 3000 mtrs.
    • Addition of an extra lane to existing road, Approx. 200 m.
    • Link Road between Departure and Arrival Exit Loop Road, Approx. 144 m.
    • ARFF Access Road, Approx. 350 m including ramps.